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GemArts Masala Festival: Ink Pi Workshop

GemArts Masala Festival: Ink Pi Workshop

GemArts Masala Festival:
Ink Pi Workshop 
Date: Wednesday  17th July 
Time: 11am - 1pm.
Venue: Wailes Room, Gateshead Central Library, NE8 4LN 
Tickets: £5, pre-booking essential. Adults only 
Box Office: Eventbrite / 0191 440 4124

GemArts Masala Festival is excited to present an artist workshop with Kavan Balasuriya where you will learn about making geometric art with numbers. By using the mathematical sequence, Pi (π ), Kavan will show you how to create a colourful and unique design. 
Kavan's approach to making art is meditative and mindful. He treats art as a fundamental part of his well-being and this relaxed workshop will give you the opportunity to embrace this thoughtful approach to creativity and mark making.  
You will use two colours to create a range of tones and gradients in your design. This workshop includes geometry, drawing, and lots of colouring using a brush pen. 
This workshop will also include a tour of the Artful Struggle exhibition presented at Masala Festival to inspire you and ask questions directly to the artist.  
All materials are included, and you will leave with a finished design on high quality watercolour paper.

Presented by GemArts

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