Achieving Quality Management Standards

Navigating the myriad of ISO certifications and quality management systems can be daunting for your organisation. With over 20,000 ISO Standards available, determining the ones crucial for revolutionising your operations, instilling confidence in customers, and motivating your workforce through streamlined processes is no easy task.

At Pentagon Assurance, we specialise in achieving compliance with various ISO standards and pre-qualification schemes. Our services come at a fraction of the cost compared to internal hires. Conducting regular internal audits to validate and sustain in-house auditing personnel’s abilities and credentials can be challenging. Outsourcing this process allows your valuable resources to focus on daily operations while contributing to organisational strategic objectives, making audits one less concern.

Key reasons to choose Pentagon Assurance for outsourcing Quality Management Systems…

Affordable Expertise: Our team possesses specialised skills and experience, achieving standards efficiently while aligning with your organisational requirements—significant cost savings compared to internal auditor training.

Access to Best Practices: Our team conducts yearly audits, providing exceptional insight into industry changes and best practices.

Guaranteed Impartiality: We offer an honest and balanced view of your requirements.

Minimal Internal Effort: Focus on core activities and business, leaving the audit worries to us.

Certification Maintenance Assurance: We guide you on everything needed to maintain your registration, ensuring long-term compliance.

Known Costs: Our fixed price quotes eliminate surprises, avoiding ongoing training costs for internal auditors.

Pre-Certification Audit Support: Detect and resolve nonconformities before facing your registrar or client.

Ongoing Compliance with Support: Guaranteed ongoing compliance through our continuous support.

An effective Quality Management System is essential for efficient management that supports continual improvement and profitability across various core systems – quality, environment, business continuity, information security, health & safety, and energy management.

Contact us today for a free consultation at or speak to our team at 0191 481 3490. Revolutionise your organisation with Pentagon Assurance’s expertise in achieving and maintaining the highest standards.

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