Why Pentagon? Embracing the Power of Five in Every Aspect

Selecting the right name for your business is a challenging task when starting up; there’s often something amiss with every option. Whether it’s too long, too short, sounds impolite, or bears an unintended resemblance to an American military establishment, the choices can be perplexing. After careful consideration of alternatives, we settled on the name Pentagon Assurance…

The driving force behind ‘Pentagon’ lies in its strong association with the theme of five, which resonates consistently across all our services. As a project-oriented business, we constantly strive to strike a balance, ensuring success for our clients, their stakeholders, and our own business.

What Defines Success in Pentagon?


Achieving success hinges on the pentagon five crucial aspects


The allure of low cost fades quickly when poor quality becomes apparent. This truth holds in both Quality Systems and Health & Safety. Many clients we’ve worked with have systems that don’t align with their business activities. This discrepancy can make system investment seem like an unnecessary cost, undermining the overall Health & Safety culture and quality focus of the entire organization.At Pentagon Assurance, we aren’t the most expensive, nor the cheapest. We thrive on results, sharing value with our clients. Over 90% of our client base comes from referrals.


Fitness for purpose is the essence. We don’t create unnecessary work; we align with the practices of successful operational organizations to meet standards and compliance requirements. Quality often falters due to a lack of documentation and evidence of activities. Our outsourced solution provides true value, allowing organizations to focus on their core functions while an external critical friend efficiently supports the journey.


Finding time is the ultimate challenge. Our focus on experience and engagement, along with building long-term relationships, addresses this challenge. While the initial time investment might seem daunting, spreading costs over the recommended UKAS certification cycle ensures an attractive cash flow investment, sharing the risk with our clients.


Risk management involves five stages: Identify, Analyse, Prioritise, and Take Action. If action isn’t taken, it’s crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of what has been done. As an outsourced solution, we leverage insights from various operational businesses to discern priorities amid the operational business noise. Our focus is on significant risks across various domains such as Quality, Environment, Business Continuity, Health & Safety, Information Security, Energy Management, and more.


Results matter. We take pride in our flawless track record, having not encountered a single non-conformance in any client certification audit for over four years. We measure improvement and demonstrate progress routinely, offering cost-effective solutions compared to a full-time hire. Our goal isn’t to increase bureaucracy; we are a team of experienced professionals committed to long-term partnership.

For more information, contact us today at admin@pentagonassurance.com or speak to one of our team members at 0191 481 3490.

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