What are the advantages of Outsourcing Health and Safety & Compliance?

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your Health and Safety function. Primarily, it provides access to a highly experienced and qualified team of specialists, offering the latest compliance expertise precisely when needed. Outsourcing enhances flexibility, speeds up responses, and minimises risks.

Benefits of outsourcing Health and Safety

Cost Savings

Managing Health and Safety is a complex business function demanding substantial time and administration. Introducing an internal resource not only escalates operating costs but also entails ongoing expenses for training and qualifications.

Enhanced Efficiencies

Outsourcing eliminates the initial need for creating, updating, and securely maintaining documents, templates, and forms. It ensures compliance, backed by guidance from a dedicated team of independent professionals possessing a full range of skills and knowledge.

Risk Reduction

Access to up-to-date advice is crucial for compliance in a landscape where rules and regulations frequently change. Outsourcing ensures continuous coverage, minimising concerns about staff availability during holidays. Issues can be addressed promptly and professionally, often identified before they escalate.


Investing in the company’s health and safety culture positively influences business. It conveys a strong message to clients, showcasing your commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, reflecting integrity, and highlighting the value placed on reputation.


As an employer, appointing a competent person to manage health and safety duties is essential. Outsourcing to impartial consultants with the necessary skills and experience allows for independent action, away from day-to-day distractions. We firmly believe that health and safety is a collective responsibility within the business, not solely the task of a designated ‘safety person.’

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