How an ISO Certification Strengthens Your Bid

If you are seeking to secure tenders and emerge victorious, obtaining an ISO certification can significantly enhance your prospects, particularly when bidding for projects within the Public Sector.

This proved pivotal for our client, HLA Services, who successfully acquired not just the ISO 14001 certification but also the ISO 22301 Business Continuity certification. In a matter of months, they clinched a £500,000 contract for the renovation of Great North House, a part of Newcastle University. The ISO standards not only benchmarked the efficiency of their business operations but also empowered them to optimise performance, enabling successful bids for projects they might otherwise not qualify for.

Neil Henry, Service Director and Owner of HLA Services Ltd, remarked;

“When tendering, ISO certification is particularly relevant. With Pentagon Assurance’s support, we now possess a distinct competitive advantage, a pivotal factor in our recent contract award.”

Barry Cooper, Managing Director at Pentagon Assurance Ltd, added;

“We take pride in collaborating with the HLA Services team as they expand their business, and the contract award at Great North House underscores the value that ISO certification adds to a business.”

Apart from the evident advantages in terms of marks during bids and tenders, there’s also the credibility it lends to your organisation and the potential to secure more substantial commercial contracts. This holds true for both large and small firms, as ISO certifications and practices are applicable to organisations of all sizes.

Elevate your bids with Pentagon Assurance’s ISO certification. Secure tenders and Public Sector contracts, just like HLA Services did. Contact us today to gain a competitive edge for your business success.

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