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Pentagon Assurance provide a new solution for health and safety services, being Health and Safety Consultancy.

This is a step up from the outdated piles of paper with “insert company name here” without the overheads of employing a full-time resource, which is largely not necessary in organisations.

Outsourcing health and safety services provides impartial advice, tuned in to but not loaded up with the operational issues of the business nor self-generating and validating the measures put in place.

We’re looking to empower management teams to truly embed health and safety ownership within the business which always has the added benefit of improving both safety and operational efficiency.

Your Trusted Partner in H&S

All of our consultants are a minimum of NEBOSH NGC qualified and as a registered OSHCR consultant we’re recognised as a reputable service provider by the Health and Safety Executive.

Our service is built on the development of supportive relationships and as well as seeing the same face supporting you proactively on site, you’ll have the support and horsepower of a team of expertise behind the scenes who are all co-located in the North East.

We take a project led approach to developing health and safety management which in turn supports the evolution of a positive safety culture within the organisation and one in which all members in the organisation can engage.

Health and Safety Consultancy Packages


H&S Status

  • Workplace audit against legal minimum requirements and weighted scoring report
  • Audit against the requirements of UKAS ISO 45001:2015
  • Workplace inspections against client / third party defined standards
  • Construction (Design and Management) 2015, CDM Site Audits and Reports

Directors Basic

  • H&S Status Pack +
  • HS(G) 65 gap analysis audit
  • Health & Safety Action Plan


  • Directors Basic Pack +
  • Named Legal competence
  • Bespoke management arrangements to HS(G)65
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Bespoke H&S Policy & Arrangements
  • Annual Audit
  • Employee Induction Basics
  • 24/7 call off support


  • Starter Pack +
  • Workplace organisation documentation
  • H&S committee leadership
  • Quarterly reporting
  • 1 off annual SSIP submission
  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment (simple premises)
  • Host Fire Drills
  • Implement workplace safety improvements actions to meet defined arrangements
  • Resource provision: accident & incident support


  • Intermediate Pack +
  • Fully outsourced H&S resourcing with embedded representative
  • Workplace organisation In accordance to ISO 45001 framework

Enhance your reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to health and safety can enhance your organisation's reputation with customers, employees, and partners. It shows a commitment to employee well-being and corporate responsibility. Contact us today for an enhanced reputation.

How can Pentagon Assurance help?

Expertise and Specialisation

We have deep knowledge and experience in the field applied across a wide variety of sectors and bring that on-going learning to all our clients. This means we can provide high-quality advice, up-to-date information on legislation and best practices, as well as tailoring services to specific needs.

Compliance with Legislation

Keeping up with health and safety legislation can be challenging. We can help ensure that your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations as we’re centrally resourced, thus supporting to avoid fines and legal issues.

Cost & Time Savings

Hiring a full-time, in-house health and safety team can be expensive, especially for small or medium-sized enterprises. Outsourcing can be more cost-effective, allowing businesses to pay for a level of service needed. Management can also focus more on core business operations, confident that health and safety management is in expert hands.

Risk Reduction

By identifying potential hazards and implementing preventive measures, we can help reduce the risk of accidents and occupational illnesses in the workplace. This not only protects employees but can also save the company and its directors from costly legal actions and also reduce insurance premiums.


Outsourcing allows companies to scale their health and safety services up or down as needed, providing flexibility to respond to changes in the business or regulatory environment without the need to hire or lay off staff and supports organisations to grow.

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More Than Just Compliance

Our team collaborates with businesses to understand their unique needs, allowing us to tailor programmes specifically for them.

Whether it's understanding HSE regulations or managing health and safety challenges, we're here to provide guidance.