Pentagon Assurance Helps AR Power Attain CHAS Elite Accreditation

As compliance specialists based in the North East, we at Pentagon Assurance, have played a pivotal role in supporting AR Power, a provider of Solar PV and Battery Storage solutions, in achieving the prestigious CHAS Elite status.

CHAS Elite stands as the highest level of accreditation bestowed by the UK’s foremost certification provider for the common assessment standard. This standard seeks to streamline and standardise accreditation across 13 key risk management areas, enhancing efficiency for certified suppliers to demonstrate compliance. This, in turn, reduces risks throughout the supply chain. Among other benefits, it simplifies processes for certified organisations when bidding for contracts.

Barry Cooper, Managing Director of Pentagon Assurance, proudly stated that our successful collaboration with AR Power to attain this latest certification ensures minimal disruption to their core business activities. The certification not only reflects the fruitful outcomes of our partnership with AR Power during a period of impressive growth but also showcases compliance with the common assessment standard. AR Power will gain from time-saving efficiencies, reduced risks, and costs, further supporting their ambitious growth plans.

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